Snack Review by Holly Farrell Kelly

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Protein & Pantry

2019, I promised myself was the year I was going to really commit to a more well-balanced and nutritious diet. But as we all know, by the time mid-January rolls around them hopeful New Year’s resolutions can become a distant memory. That’s why I was so excited to review a selection of delicious goods from Protein and Pantry and put my New Year’s resolution to the test!

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Teriyaki Turkey Jerky

Unlike the usual jerky found on the market, Protein and Pantry’s Teriyaki Turkey Jerky bursts with flavour, spice and packs one delicious punch! Marinated with sweet paprika, honey and soy, this turkey jerky was a great, protein filled snack after my usual Friday work out. If like me, you’re are serial desk snacker, then this jerky can be enjoyed either as it is or with some tasty dried fruit to balance out them sweet spicy flavours either post or pre lunchtime.

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Cinnamon Cacao Protein Bar

I have such a massive sweet tooth and have been at a hard push to find anything to substitute my favourite sweet snacks – until this cinnamon cacao bar came along. Filled with juicy cranberries and tasty walnuts this delightfully chewy protein bar was one of my favourite Protein and Pantry snacks. I found this to be the perfect pick me up around that 3 pm weekday slump and worked as a light but filling treat to get me through the rest of the day.


Organic Peanut Butter

Now, I loooove peanut butter so was always going to be a harsh critic of Protein and Pantry’s peanut butter. But I have to say, it was absolutely delicious. Tasty, super creamy and full of flavour this was such a good addition to my usual whole grain toast for breakfast and even tastier mixed into some organic porridge. Packed with protein, this was also a delicious filler before the gym spread across either some fruit, bread or crackers. 100% my new favourite peanut butter.

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Salted Caramel Protein Balls

These babies have to be one of my favourite on the go snacks ever! Tasty, sweet and chewy, these were great to keep in my bag to snack on whether it was post/ pre gym, a day at the office or a simply tasty addition to my usual lunch. Packed withdates, cashews, chia seeds and superfood maca powder, these were almost too good to be made up of 100% natural ingredients. My only downside – you can never have too many!

Overall, my taster box was packed with flavour and being homemade all of the treats were delightfully fresh and free of any artificial aftertaste.

All were perfect for a post-gym snack but just as effective and enjoyable to have in a desk drawer when in need of a fulfilling bite.

– Holly Farrell Kelly


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