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The home of healthy handcrafted snacks

Hey, we’re Giuliano & Zara – two big foodies who share a passion for health and fitness.

Being busy people, we really struggled finding high protein snacks that were refined sugar free or didn’t have artificial ingredients and cheap fillers. You know what they say…“You are what you eat!”.

So we had a thought… Why don’t we just make our own natural healthy snacks? Low and behold, we preferred them so much more, and the best part was that we knew exactly what was going into them. – No B.S. Just 100% natural ingredients.

First, we started sharing our handmade snacks with our friends & family who couldn’t get enough of them! So…why not share it with all of you? – Boom. Protein & Pantry was born.

DOING things differently

NO B.S Just 100% Natural

NO unpronounceable chemicals. NO preservatives and NO artificial sweeteners. NONE whatsoever. We believe NATURAL is better. So that’s exactly what we do.

A healthy, high protein snack box, empowering all of you to smash your fitness goals with a helping hand of some yummy no-nonsense snacks.

We hope you love our snacks as much as we love making them.

Giuliano & Zara
-Team P&P



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