Why We Don’t Do Discount Codes

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At Protein and Pantry, we believe healthy snacking should be affordable for everyone at all times. Sticking to a simple strategy-keeping our prices consistently fair to offer our great products at the best possible prices.

We are not driven by profit and sales and don’t believe marketing strategies should be applied to food to give a perceived “deal” to persuade you to buy. Therefore, we don’t offer gimmicky discount codes, reward points and the likes which are ultimately added to the final price of food to entice sales. We just offer the very best prices at all times to all customers.

Many other sites regularly offer large incentive discount deals such as 35% off. Have you often wondered why and how they are able to offer such a large discount? Simple. The prices of their products have already been inflated by 35%. Therefore the “discount” you are receiving is not really a discount at all, and is only there to entice you into a sale.

We are here to re-imagine the concept of truly healthy snacking. All of our products are handmade with no artificial ingredients, preservatives or cheap fillers. Our entire range speaks for itself which is why we have riced everything fairly, right from the offset. Read more here to find out how and why we do things differently at Protein and Pantry…


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